Guide To Los Angeles Renting

Los Angeles Renting: Affordable and Safe Places

Hello beautiful and welcome back to my blog. In this article, we are going to go over the best sub-cities of Los Angeles. The guide to Los Angeles renting is what I wish I had when I first moved here. They are the best to me because they are affordable and still pretty safe considering how safe Los Angeles gets.  If you need help figuring out your budget, click here! If you’re ready to retire, instead of renting in Los Angeles, check out these excellent places!


This area is up and coming, and you can still find great deals making it my top area for Los Angeles renting. Most of the buildings are pretty old, so the rent can only go up by a small percentage per year. Trust me in Los Angeles this is such a bonus. It is also has a broad mix of older and contemporary buildings for you to choose where you want to live. Koreatown is so close to Downtown. It’s about 6 to 10 minutes away depending on which part you reside within.

They have delicious food on every corner, mom and pop restaurants, fine dining, and bars. If you’re into Pokemon Go, there are gyms at every corner and great parks for community days. There are so many things to do here. The late night scene in Koreatown is incredible. There are super fun clubs, speak easy’s, tabletop Korean BBQ, Boba for days, and many karaoke places. You will never run out of things to do. I have seen one bedroom apartments from $900- $2,800.00 depending on the amenities and location within K-town.


This area is a little ways further out from downtown, but it is a beautiful city. It’s about 30 to 45 minutes south of Downtown. Torrance would be where I would move if I had children. Extremely family friendly with decent rental rates. The crime rates are always low and still perfect for commuting to Down Town. Torrance also has a beach within it, which is so lovely. The beaches are less crowded, and surfing is allowed. I mean it is Socal. For relatively cheap you can live ridiculously close to the beach.

They have lovely craft breweries and a great mall when the shopping bug gets you. Of course, Torrance has yummy food as well. A place without good food is not allowed on the list. What so ever. Torrance also has Art museums and great spas for when you need to get out and relax a little. I have seen one bedroom apartments from $1,300.00-$3,600.00. The range of pricing is enormous due to the beach. The price goes up the closer to the beach you are, but that is Los Angeles renting for you. Redondo Beach is super close to Torrance and is another option to look at in this area.

Long Beach

Oh, Long Beach, this is where my heart belongs. More specifically, Belmont Shore, but this area is not super affordable unless you have roommates and split the rent. Long Beach, in my opinion, is one of those cities you need to pay attention to which streets you want to live around. Parts of Long Beach are beautiful, and other parts are not as safe as you would like them to be. Every city is like this in Los Angeles County, but Long Beach is vast compared to say Koreatown.

Long Beach has a beautiful college, The Queen Mary,  an aquarium that includes a Shark Reef, 2nd Street, and Art’s district. We can’t forget the food! So amazing and full of choices. I have seen one bedroom apartments from $900.00-$5,000.00. The range of cost of living is vast here as well due to the beach and Belmont Shore. The further from the coast you go the cheaper the apartments. You can still get pretty dang close to the ocean in Long Beach for a reasonable price. Close as in walking distance. It’s all about the right timing, but it can happen.

Silver Lake

This city is fantastic because it is so close to the upcoming area of Echo Park without the crazy price tag. Don’t get me wrong this one can be pricey as well, but you can find great deals still. I’ve seen one bedroom from $1,300.00-$2,600.00, so as long as you find the cheaper rates, this is a fantastic an area. You can not get closer to Echo Park, which for some people makes Silver Lake there number one for Los Angeles renting. Silver Lake is a funky, artsy area with wonderful vegan selections and artisan coffee shops. This city loves animals and has a beautiful dog park with a grassy meadow. The district also has a modern architecture in some areas.

Historic Filipinotown

Filipinotown is another up and coming area. It had its days of not being the safest place in Los Angeles like Koreatown, but over time it is becoming more and more welcoming. Due to the fact, Historic Filipinotown is still on the rise the rents are still extremely reasonable, but I promise you it will not stay this way. Get it now while we all even can, before developers start add high rises and bring in all the amenities that you want. As we know the more amenities, the higher the price. This area is also, get ready for the best part, close to Echo Park like ridiculously close. YES!!!!

Summary of Los Angeles Renting

So we have now reviewed five excellent and pretty safe for the price of towns and cities for Los Angeles renting that you should move too soon. My personal favorite is Koreatown, and it has already started to become amazing, with the new buildings. We just got a Target! Yay for me, but now you must decide where you want to go and what is best for you.

Whether it is close to Downtown, a pet-friendly neighborhood, lots of vegan choices, being close to Echo Park, or being in a family friendly area the option is yours. You are now way more prepared than when you first searched the regions, and you can make a better decision. You can also find awesome apartments here at

If you still want help, you can always go to the Contact Me page and email me some questions. I am always here for you.


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