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You are only one decision away from a completely different life. Stop building other peoples dream and start building your own. You are not alone we are here to help you!

I was so tired of making myself smaller for other people in the room. I knew I had more to offer, but I kept feeling boxed in by a pointless job description or by others that didn't want me to succeed any further then they could. I built The Finance Fairy to help other women quit their day jobs and build their own legacy.
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Taylor Lewis

Business Ideas

Learn all about online business and find the right online business for you

Platform Courses

Use Master Online Tool's courses to create your own website and learn how to use all the tools needed for your business.

Strategy Courses

Learn how to grow your business and build an unbeatable brand!

Join The Inner Circle

Discover incredible tips and tricks to build your business. 
Get first access to new classes and guides!

Website Set-Up

Build a responsive WordPress website for your business with the most current SEO practices. We also make sure to keep the design responsive, so anyone on your team or your self can edit it for years to come.

Monthly Website Maintenance

Get back to building your business and fulfilling your customers needs while we work in the background keeping your WordPress site up to date, designed, and infront of the right people.


Strategic planning for your marketing needs, broken down by platforms, audiences targeted, marketing budget, KPIs, campaign proposal, and web/content concepts. We take the hours of research off your plate.

What Our customers say

A dream to work with. She was responsive, invested in designing my small business website to build its online presence, and personable and professional. Took time to explain basic WordPress tools to me and offered recommendations for better site functionality. I highly recommend hiring her.

Write Brained Edits

Wonderful from start to finish and got the job done quicker than I expected. Offered suggestions and even did a conference call with me to explain things to me. Thanks so much!!

Heart Felt 4 You

Helped me so much !!! Excellent communication skills and helped me get me website up FAST!!! WORTH THE MONEY!

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