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My mission is to assist start-up and small business owners achieve a solid foundation in their business and branding with all aspects related to digital marketing. I strategize with you to understand your business and your overall vision.

Monthly Website Maintenance

Get back to building your business and fulfilling your customers needs while we work in the background keeping your WordPress site up to date, designed, and infront of the right people.

Website Design

When your first starting out you don’t need an expensive website design. You’ll probably change your branding and services along the way and you don’t want to waste thousands of dollars while your figuring your offerings out. I’ve been there and that is why I created The Finance Fairy.

Meet the creator behind The Finance Fairy!

Taylor Lewis’ passion is to assist women in obtaining financial freedom by helping them create their own online business! She created this website to help you jump start your online business journey! Whatever your needs are, there is something definitely here for you. She is an analyst by day and a finance fairy by night!